Faculty/Staff FAQ

Increasing font size in Banner


If you would like to increase the text size when using Banner Production follow the steps below.

How to increase the font size in banner

  1. Go to the banner page at http://appro01:7778/
  2. Click on Banner Access link
  1. After the new window for Banner login opens go to the URL in the address bar.
  2. At the end of the URL add &clientDPI=120 as shown in the picture.
Capture3     This should now close the current login window and open a new login window for banner. image2015-11-19 9-3-58 The text should now be 20% larger than the previous. If you wish to save this as a shortcut or favorite please copy and paste the link below: URL: http://approd.fgc.edu/forms/frmservlet?config=prod&clientDPI=120      

Install preapproved applications on your office PC.

To install institutionally approved software on office PCs (Adobe CC, ink2go, etc.): Click the “Start” menu and select “All Programs” - Expand “Microsoft System Center” \ “Configuration Manager” and click “Software Center"   Software Center   - The Software Center will give a list of preapproved applications that you can load yourself. Be sure to save and close out of any applications as some installs do reboot the machine upon completion. SC

Can’t attach files using Outlook Web Access

Symptom: Clicking the paperclip in Web mail doesn't do anything.  Can't attach a file to an email message. *Note that the latest version of Google Chrome v37 or later does not support Microsoft Silverlight Plugin at this time.

Fix 1: Try using a different web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Fix 2: Use Outlook WebAccess Light

Can't or don't want to install Silverlight?  Or did the Silverlight Plugin still not fix it? Here's a workaround.  Using the Light version of OWA may do the trick.
  1. If you have webmail open, close the webmail browser.  (Be sure to copy (CTRL+C) any email text you've written first)
  2. Go to mail.fgc.edu
  3. On the login screen click the Checkbox that says Use the light version of Outlook Web App
  4. Login as normal - the screen will look slightly different but will allow you to attach files without the need for the Silverlight plugin.

Fix 3: Install Silverlight (for IE and Firefox only)

Make sure Silverlight is installed in your browser (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox)
  1. Open Outlook Web App
  2. Click the ? under your name at the top right of the window
  3. Click About
  4. Look for the line that reads The required version of Silverlight is installed:
You should see a Yes.  If you see No then you need to install Silverlight for IE on your computer Click here to get Silverlight --> http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/default.aspx

Create a screen recording using Expression Encoder

Embedding video in Blackboard from hml.fgc.edu

Canon Secure Printing

Secure print system default.

  1. To set your computer to default to secure printing, click the Windows (start) menu and select “Devices and Printers”
  2. Right-click the canon copier and select “printing preferences”.
  3. Select “Secured Print” from the “Output Method” dropdown list.
  4. Enter a pin number from 1 to 9999999.
  5. From now on when you print it will ask you to confirm the secure print settings.
  6. To print the document, log into copier and select “Secured Print” from the main menu.
  7. Select document and press the secured print button.
  8. Enter the pin you chose in step 4.

Secure print when printing a single document.

  1. When printing a document you should get a dialog box with an option for “Printer Properties” or just “Properties”.
  2. Click Printer Properties and select “Secured Print” from the “Output Method” dropdown list.
  3. Enter a pin number from 1 to 9999999.
  4. To print the document, log into copier and select “Secured Print” from the main menu.
  5. Select document and press the secured print button.
  6. Enter pin you chose in step 3.